New Tile Ranges

"Dopio" Wall Tiles

Are you needing to create a concept that can stand out from the others?


Primordial shapes of Gloss Wall Tiles in minimalistic colour tones.   The interest provides an innovative sparkle moving away from the direction of mono coloured flat wall surfaces.

“Dopio” doubles the opportunities to create interesting elevations but does not increase the financial budgets.  “Dopio” is ideal when commencing new projects where designers wish to create a fresh visual without implementing upon clients reservations, thus the concept is not too far removed from the comfortable direction they have previously been accustomed to.

“Dopio” Range – Distinctively Pure Design!

Now that tiles are fabricated in all shapes and sizes, there has never been a more exciting time for innovative Architects & Interior Designers to reinvent themselves with more pure theoretical design opportunities.

“Dopio” Range – Gloss Wall Tiles, Sharper and Defined!


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