Wall Tile of The Week!

Evolving Elevations are marked in 120x120cm Floor Tiles & 240x120cm Wall Tiles to provide prestigeous aesthetical appeal.  The 9mm ensures that characteristics of Porcelain Tiles are maintained.

Using 240x120cm will minimise horizontal grout lines and general cutting.  Imagine fixing 5m2 of Wall Tiles and only one grout line… 


The Large Formats enrich the concept with beauty & esteem ensuring expected strength is retained.

The consistency of the range certifies that modulation will work from 30x60cm upwards.

Evolving Elevations can expand other solutions in the design.  The classic décor will enhance;

  • Hotel Bathrooms
  • Office Receptions
  • Boutique shops

By creating an aroma of Class & Wealth…


Combinations of Natural Polished and Porcelain Wood Effect Tiles…


Other distinguished finishes such as Mint & Iron combined in different formats, would dress restaurants with individuality & character!


If you would like more information call:

01254 777998 or email