CERSAIE 2015 – New Tile Ranges for 2016/17

Check out how the world of Wall & Floor Tiles is going to evolve in 2016/17.


Below are some sneaky previews of the ranges we expect to be utilised in Commercial Specification Projects, over the next 12 months.


For Samples contact us on:  info@verdeceramica.co.uk or call the office +0044 (0)1254 777998.

Image 2
Potential for Restaurant and stylish wine bars!
Image 3
Boutique Bathroom with the extravagant night away!
Image 6
A simple black and white chequered system brought to life with a 3D effect 60x60cm wall tiles!
Image 4
Brighten up meeting places with a swish of bold colour with a timeless neutral tones in the background!
Image 10
Vibrant colours can create an impact!
Image 9
Be Bold with Gold!
Image 12
Look at the curvature detail of these tiles to provide and innovative proposition!
Image 12
Curvature detail in darker tones!
Image 15
Contrasting border colours reinvigorate square tiles in any project!
Image 14
Sensational creations of natural tones, modulated for chic boutique projects!
Image 17
Focus upon the feature wall and the cross cuts of the marble in 120x120cm light biscuit Wall Tiles!
Image 16
Combinations of wood, concrete and marble create new innovative methods designing Floor Tiles!
Image 19
Modern graffiti imposed into white glazed ceramic wall tiles!
Image 18
What illustrations would you impose on white brick format tiles to create your accent on the concept!