May Design Series 2015

April 2015


We are a project focussed Wall & Floor Tile Supplier to the commercial project sector.

All our products are source from Italian manufactures who engage in high performance technology which allows them to lead the global tile market.

Our objective is to bring these new concepts to the forefront of Architects & Interior Designers minds when they need have a requirement for tiles and advise upon what they can create within the boundaries of Health & Safety issues.

Since we formed the company in 2012, we have experienced some very challenging times.

A brand new company trying to compete in the construction industry at a time when the UK economy was only recovering from the financial crisis, was a very demanding experience.

 However, our perseverance and hard work enabled us to become involved in some very prestigious projects, such as:

  • Academy Training Centre at Southampton Football Club
  • Leisure & Spas within a Five Star Independent Hotel Chain- Shire Inns
  • Costa Coffees franchises within Ministry of Defence Sites
  • A partnership between “Vision to Learn” & University of Central Lancashire
  • London Marketing Suites for Barratt Homes
  • WREN Kitchen Superstores in Harlow & Beckton
  • Office Developments in London, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool

In the next 12 months, we will be involved in more exciting projects, which involve another Premiership Football Club, a high end retailer with a new concept design across Europe and a Bus Station refurbishment programme at various sites in the UK. 

We are very appreciative of our clients who have provided us with support we needed to form a platform and base for us to grow.

We look forward to continuing to work with them again in the near future and hope that by offering that little bit extra in terms of service, they will continue to support us.

Our challenge for the next 12 months is to present, educate and develop our working business relationship with our existing clients and hope to attract new portfolio of clients as we hope to grow our business further.

Architects & Interior Designers are the professions in the Industry that are primarily targeted by suppliers.

We understand that we need to use alternative methods to work with potential new clients.

May 2015 is an exciting time for us at Verde when we exhibit at our first exhibition “May Design Series”  17th – 19th May 2015, at London Excel.

We want to show how the industry has evolved over the last 10 years and where we see the market moving in the next 5 years.

The Exhibition will also give us the opportunity to show what other services we can provide to the market such as:-

  • CPD’s,
  • water jet cutting,
  • written specifications
  • same day sampling service

Visit us on our stand A324 North Hall and see what we can offer!

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Cersaie 2014 Trip

The launch of the new website has coincided with the Industry entering a new and exciting 2015.

Our preparations for the New Year began  months ago when we visited Cersaie 2014, the number one event for the World of Ceramic Tiles.
To describe Cersaie, we always ask our clients to think of Event City at Trafford Centre Manchester, think of the the exhibition space on 2 levels and there are 36 halls of this size built on a complex about the area size of the Trafford Centre.
Every manufacturer from Italy, Europe and around the world create enormous, out of this world stands, to display the tile trends that they think will move Wall & Floor Tiles forward in the following year.
As an example, we will find new concepts in September 2014, that will be promoted to Architects & Interior Designers in 2015, that may not be used in projects until 2016.
That is how far forward the industry thinks ahead.
During our 3 day visit, we seem to find the time to visit our regular suppliers and collate the information that they would like us to utilise over the next few months.
There is always a WOW factor from each of the Exhibitors.
For instance this year we w interested in the following ranges 
1)  Trace  – Caesar
2) Tones – Marca Corona
3) POP – Imola
4) City Sounds- 
Panaria … toneware/citysoun…
We hope to launch campaigns with these and other ranges throughout 2015
If you cannot see what your looking for please do not hesitate to contact us on the footer, below.
we have over 20 000 reasons in our portfolio for you to contact us